Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Good 'Ol Chicago!

Well the bag I showed you last week made it's trip with me last weekend! The bag was the perfect carry on; it fit my iPad, book, water bottle, socks (cuz my feet always get cold) and phone!

In case I failed to mention, my sister and I flew out to Chicago for a 2 day Bernina E16 training. That is the multi needle embroidery machine we carry at our family shop. The training was wonderful, and my sister and I both came back wanting to start spending nights at the shop just to embroider with the machine!

We made a few projects (including a baseball cap) while we were at the Bernina Creative Center, the building that houses all of the training E16 machines. We also got to peak at the optional table you can get for the E16, which is beautiful and has two drawers plus a storage compartment for the machines hoops.


BUT, the best part for me was getting the sneak preview of the Bernina Q-Matic set up! :) The screen on that baby.. OH MY! It is going to be awesome - more photos and info to come once we get to Bernina University in July!!

Just being in that room with all of those Q24's on frames made me want to quilt SO BAD! Lucky for me, I start teaching Free Motion Quilting Series tonight at the shop, so at least I'll get to talk about quilting even if I'm not actually quilting!

Hope you all are getting some time to sew, or quilt or just sit in your sewing room and look at all your pretty pretty fabric!

Happy Sewing,
Enjoli (and Gertrude)

Monday, March 28, 2016

Gertrude's New Adventure

Well, it has been such a very long time since Gertrude and I have been on here.

Life has been so busy, even with my oldest being in Kindergarten this year! Kindergarten has brought all sorts of new things to experience, including being sick more and dealing with lice on all three kids!

The twins are still at home with me, at least for the next few months. They start Preschool in August and can hardly contain their excitement!

We enjoyed celebrating Easter yesterday, getting dressed up and then spending the afternoon relaxing (and Gert and I sewing)! We finished up a project for an upcoming trip! 

I am so happy with how the bag turned out! I am planning to use it as my carry on for a work trip I am taking with my sister on Wednesday! We are headed to Chicago for a Bernina E16 (embroidery) training!

With as crazy as life has been, I am looking forward to the six hour plane ride to just sit (and read) or sleep!

Ok, so I guess I should get to the whole "new adventure" part of the post before I lose you! 

Gertrude and I have started a little project called "Made By Gertrude", she does most the work! We have a few select bags for sale, and take custom orders if you want something more specific. Bags are one of my favorite things to make, and well I make more than I can possibly keep so "Made By Gertrude" was born! 

You can find what we're up on on Facebook:
or on Etsy, where you can purchase bags! There is a contest running on the Facebook page right now too - so you could WIN a bag just by check it out! 

We just launched the Etsy shop last week, so we will be adding more items to it every week! Find us on Etsy here:

I am especially excited about this project as it gives me something "for me" to do that is my own! The last three years have been spent at home with my kiddos, which has been wonderful, but with them heading off to school (and becoming more independent!) this project allows me to put my love and energy into something I get excited about! 

The other exciting news is that with the Twins starting preschool in the Fall, I get to come back to the shop (Seams Like Home) at least part time, and let me tell you - I cannot wait to see you all again, and talk to adults during the day! 

Thank you for following Gertrude and I - we're looking forward to being a little more exciting over here in the near future! And stay tuned for new items in the Etsy shop and on our Facebook page!

Happy Sewing,
Enjoli (and Gertrude) 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Back from Bernina University

Hey All,

WHEW! I am back from BU, and finally getting settled back into my "regular" routine. That being said, I was home for a day and my hubby took off to hang out with his college roommates for a few days, so, he gets home on Tuesday, and Yes, I've been counting down the days! :P

I always leave Bernina University inspired! Not just to spend more time with Gertrude and her siblings, but with new project ideas, new class ideas and a crazy desire to sell off my children and buy more sewing machines!

This year, however, with the newest Bernina baby being released, the Q24 Longarm machine, I have been seriously considering finding a way to convince my hubby to convert the garage to a quilting studio! And with the new wonderful toys they just released to go with the Q24, I'm in deep...deep, deep deep! The last time I was this head over heels, I ended up married with three children! :P

Ok, in all seriousness though, we saw so many wonderful new things and got SO many new ideas from the vendors and other dealers at BU this year! PLUS, had lots of fun!

I got pics for you guys!

I think some of you might remember this gal?! :P Sara started a New Bernina dealership in the town she moved to in Oregon!

Okay, it wasn't all work, we did do some relaxing! (Don't tell my hubby!)

And now.. for the wonders of Bernina!

This is a wall made of Isacord thread spools!

NEW Bernina 530 Special Edition - look like it's been quilted!

The newest Bernina 350 "Best Friend" Special Edition, has a great cause behind it. Bernina has teamed up with the Petfinder Foundation to bring us this ADORABLE machine, that those of us pet lovers can really get on board with! 

Okay, you guys know me.. whenever I can get my hands on a good FMQ book, I DO! I got this gem for FREE at her book signing (plus it's signed)... and then I got to do a SUPER fun class with her! Her being Amanda Murphy, who is an awesome quilter and a very nice, wonderful person!

Cody (our friend from LA), Sara, Ang & me!
You guys, I did not want to leave this class.. the Q24 needed me.. she wanted to come home with me.. alas there was not enough room in my suitcase! 

Closing ceremony, the very last day! Always fun and kind of bittersweet! Some of our friends we only see once a year at this event, so it is hard to leave! 

I am hoping that as long as life doesn't get too crazy (Ha, who am I kidding.. I have three kids!) I'll be able to bond with Big Bertha (the shop Q24) some more in the coming months! Here's hoping!

Happy Sewing,
Enjoli (and Gertrude)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gertrude is Home!!

Guess who is finally back home?!

I am SO excited to have Gertrude back! She has been working like a mad-woman since arriving back home! :)

I think she has been home for a week, and we've made TWO Noodle-head Gingham totes and a wallet! (For some reason, I didn't take a picture of the wallet?!)

She is so happy to be back in her spot!

Ascher, my little pants-less bag model! 

Ahhh.. loving these Gingham Totes! One for me, one for sis! 

My sister and I are heading off to Scottsdale, AZ for Bernina University on Wednesday and are looking forward to all the NEW goodies from Bernina! We called the hotel this morning and they said it was 99 degrees!! AHHHH.. We are going to melt!

Hopefully, we can survive in the hotel with air conditioning, and not get too sunburned.

I am signed up for quite a few classes on the NEW Bernina Q24, and get to preview the NEW automation for the frame! As a Free Motion Quilting Addict, I cannot wait to get there and get some dedicated time to play with the Q-Series machines! 

(Q20 sneak peaks will be posted on Facebook this week too - ours should be in the shop by August!)

Hope you are all enjoying your summer, and getting some sewing in during the few rainy days last week! 

Happy Sewing,
Enjoli (and Gertrude) 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

It's been a busy Summer!

 Hey Everyone,

WOW it has been such a crazy summer already!! I miss blogging so much, but I miss getting sewing time even more! :P

How have you all been? Have you been sewing at all? Tell me what you've been up to!

I have done a little bit of sewing, during those few days where we had rain and I could justify staying inside to sew!

Wallet from the NEW Noodlehead book "Handmade Style"

Inside said wallet!

Making myself a NEW Supertote!

We took the family back to Homer for a long weekend.. let me tell you it was SO MUCH better than our last Homer trip.. if you remember my post on that experience!

We rented one of the condos at Lands End for 4 days, and it was the BEST way to spend a long weekend! I highly recommend them if you are looking for a place right on the beach! They have 3 bedrooms, three bathrooms, a full kitchen and are BEACH FRONT! My girls haven't stopped talking about the "beach house"! 

I was lucky enough to get to go to Halibut Cove, AK to be a grunt for baggage from the retreat! No complaints here though, I got to see a beautiful part of Alaska! The retreat is at the Stillpoint Lodge, and it is a beautiful little spot on Halibut Cove!


Our group headed back to the mainland of Homer after getting all the bags loaded! 

Sis and I got to stay at the "Lighthouse" just a short boat ride away from the Retreat center! It was a little bit of a hike.. next time we'll pack lighter! :P 

This place was so cute.. and just not the other side of the house is a cliff straight down to the water! 

AND the evening I got back to Anchorage I got a wonderful little creature that I've been waiting, wishing and hoping for for the last .. ummm... probably 15 years! NO JOKE! When I was 14 I got a job at The Dog Wash Resort, which was a self-service dog wash and this woman came in with a Red Female Bull Terrier puppy and I was instantly IN LOVE! 

SO, here is my sweet little guy, Loki! He is just now 9 weeks old and a crazy, busy little guy who has taken to terrorizing our 8 year old Bully Ares! :P 

ACK - love this little guy!

She just wanted to carry him around Petco!

Getting along for the moment.. taking up my lap on the couch!

So.. yah, he was asleep like this! Apparently this is how he wants to travel! Could be a problem when he is bigger! 

OK, WHEW! See how crazy my summer has been already! I hope you all are having a great summer and I'm looking forward to seeing what you are all working on (or Not!), so leave me a message and let me know! Maybe I'll need to start a new project! :P 

Happy Sewing,

Enjoli (and Gertrude - who should be home soon!)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sew or Sunbathe?!

Hey All,

I have missed being here SO SO much!! Life has been hectic lately (and that is an understatement), BUT here I am.. and I have finally been able to work on a few things to share with you all!

Though, I must say with the weather being so nice, it has been a bit hard to "want" to stay inside and sew! Alas, sacrifices must be made!

I've been in the middle of teaching a Free Motion Quilting Series at the shop, which is a BLAST! I love teaching this class, I love FMQ so it is a win win, and I love how excited my students always get when they figure out a design!

I have been lusting over the new Bernina Q24 Long Arm, but have yet to convince my hubby to convert the garage so I can get one.. I'm still working on him! (I'll keep you posted!)

OK, on to what I have actually been working on...

I have finally made progress on the March Strip Club quilt, "Olympia", which I made from Carolyn Friedlanders "Doe" line.. and I am not kidding, I love it even more now that it is coming together!

Ok, it is a bit hard to see with my sashing strip laying on top, but the colors came together beautifully! It is actually a pretty masculine quilt! :P

 A project that I want to do... when I find a spare second! The Twins' room was Girafee and Elephant, which I will probably change soon, but I thought these would be cute to make for them.. maybe I'll make them into some kind of pillow or bag for each of them!

These cute kits are from "Penguin & Fish", she has amazing stuff!

OHHHH - My Jacobs Ladder quilt is coming along! I took this class with my sister at the shop! I used Cotton & Steel basics for the four patches, and then the metallic gold and white (also C&S basics) for the half square triangles! I am LOVING it so far, can't wait to get the blocks laid out!

So close.. and yet.. seems so far.. I just need like one more hour to get these together! 

SO, yah.. this is my next bag project.. because I really NEED another bag.. but here I am! So, these fabrics are some Cotton & Steel and some Tula Pink. I am making the Super Tote from Noodlehead! I adore this bag. It is such a versatile bag, there are 4 elastic pockets inside and one large pocket on the outside. You can really cram a lot of stuff into it.. which I always do! :P

Loving those cute little Lions!
So, as you can see, there is never a lack of projects around my house! I always have more projects than time, and I'm not seeing that changing anytime soon! I am trying my best to finish up a few things before I start more.. but..I think you all know how well that works for me! :p

I hope you're all enjoying the Summer sunshine we've been having, and hope you get a few moments to sew this summer! 

Happy Sewing,
Enjoli (and Gertrude) 

P.S: Gertrude is finally coming home, though she is currently sitting at SLH waiting for her Spa Day/Check up!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blogging Withdrawls

You guys!! I miss you! I miss blogging.. I didn't realize how many of you actually read this little 'ol blog! :P

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement! I am hoping to get back at this blogging thing.. and the really cool thing is this..

My sweet 5 year old came up to me after dinner the other night and said, "Mommy, can you teach me to sew?" I said, "Heck yes I can!" Do you know what that means?

It means that I can sew AND spend time with my girl! (The twins are a bit young still.. and a bit too interested in poking each other with pins to participate!) And if I get to sew, I actually have something to blog about!

So, in an attempt to catch you all up on what's been happening over here..

First, it is true that Gertrude is spending some time at Grammy's house! She was having some withdrawals not getting much sewing time and Grammy needed her embroidery capabilities!

Second, I spent three days in Chicago at the Bernina Creative Center the second week of April getting to play on the NEW Bernina Q24 Longarm! IT WAS AMAZING!

Most wonderful room in the Creative Center! Five frames with 10 Q24s!

Main "stitch" menu

"Bobbin detection" - let's you know when you're close to running out! 

It's true.. I do love quilting!

Adjusting SPI (Stitches Per Inch)

So much Bernina LOVE! 

And Last, but SO cool, my sweet Alia and I made her first sewing project (of which she did almost all the sewing), a pillow case with some pink Frozen flannel!

She was SO proud!

I hope this new development with my oldest daughter will allow many hours of sewing fun with her and I , as well as more opportunity to blog about the adventures that we embark upon. And one of these days, I will have to break the news to Grammy that Gertrude will have to return home!

Happy Sewing,

Enjoli (and in spirit Gertrude!)